How will installation and changes to your property be brought to life in a thoughtful, dynamic, durable and enduring way?
We lead in creating perennial landscapes.

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Installation is the third component where we make physical changes to the property. It is the culmination in the artistic rendering of our relationship, our discussions, our assessments and our planning – where the plans meet the dirt! 

We understand the practical implication of resource management because we work in living, live ecosystems that incorporates people, plants, animals and structures.

The intricacy of construction is closely linked to your design. Tom Girolamo of Eco-Building & Forestry, will be performing the work or directing the changes to your property based on the plan we created with you. Flexibility is built into our installation by interpreting plans and designs and using them as a guide. We take into account the unique complexities and numerous variables of your property. We implement the work with the essential and critical components to achieve predictable, repeatable results. Appropriate materials, climate tested plants, specialized equipment and specific skill sets are used to complete the project and derive future benefits. Through this process we are able to optimize the final result with the needs of the customer and the environment being met.

Results are achieved within the customer’s desired budget by building the landscape in phases. Techniques and equipment with a light footprint protect the environment and minimize the impact to sensitive areas. Each phase of installation considers subsequent improvements, so completed work doesn’t have to be redone. Priorities identified in planning/design, become useable and beneficial. The customer can use the completed project and derive the associated benefits from it while it continues to grow, improve and get better!