Nursery Inventory

Our trees, shrubs, and wildflowers have been raised with sustainable practices and proven their heartiness in the Central Wisconsin climate. For more information on our practices, please see our Nursery page. Please also review our Transplanting Tips.

Native Prairie Plants and Native Prairie Developed Varieties

How they come: 6 inch diameter pot or root-pruned 6 inch dug root ball
Price: $20 each +tax

Blue False Indigo
Prairie Dropseed
Rattlesnake Master
Eupatorium rogusm
Butterfly Milkweed

Native Woodland Shrubs

How they come: Root-pruned 10 inch – 12 inch root ball
Price: $75 each +tax

Pagoda Dogwood

Native Woodland Trees

How they come: Root-pruned 14 inch – 16 inch root ball
Price: $300 each +tax

Sugar Maple

U.S. Native and Ornamental Trees

How they come: Root-pruned 14 inch-16 inch root ball
Price: $300 each +tax

Cucumber Magnolia
Umbrella Magnolia (Yes, super hardy in central Wisconsin. We grew these from seed and above ground through our severe winters!)
Flowering Crabs and Fruit Varieties

How to Buy

Please remember, with an ever growing, um, changing inventory, please contact us to let us know what you’re looking for. We have hundreds of varieties available, thus it is impossible to list every plant. We’ll get back to you with what we have on site, and suggested alternatives if applicable.

Once we’ve picked out your plants, we’ll send an invoice. Once paid, we’ll prepare the plants and schedule pick up or delivery.

Of course, we’re about more than selling plants. To help you, your plants and your landscape be successful, we offer a wide range of consulting services from site assessments, design, site preparation, delivery, and installation. It is more important that we sell you the right plants for your environment, than we sell you plants that aren’t a good fit.