Outdoor Showers

Outdoor ShowerOne of the highest number of clicks to our web site is surprisingly outdoor showers!  Whether you live in a cold climate or tropical one, outdoor showers are in demand by lots of people for many different reasons.

Isn’t it interesting that we make our homes airtight, air condition them and then want to take a steamy shower inside?  Outdoor showers can lower you utility bill, immediately reuse good quality water, reduce mold growth in your home and be very sensual.

Outdoor showers can also:

  • Fit any personality from very neat to very natural
  • Work great for properties on water to keep the sand and wet towels out of the house
  • Can have simple plumbing like a garden hose
  • Be tapped into the hot water supply for greater use
  • Have used water flow to any plantings you have-imagine watering your plants while you  take a shower -now that’s efficient!

If you like to have fun outdoors, an outdoor shower might be just the ticket to fit your lifestyle.  At Eco-Building & Forestry, LLC., we can help you design an outdoor shower where ever you live!