Pond & Lake Landscapes

Fountain 010Pond and lake landscapes to protect water quality

Transform your landscape to preserve your water. Improving water quality in your lake or pond starts with how the land surrounding it is treated. You get to choose beautiful and innovative options that safeguard water and defend the value of your property.

  • Landscapes that absorb nutrients
  • Water diversion and infiltration to reduce run-off
  • Enhanced access for lake and pond use (by people)
  • Mitigation and reclamation to restore beneficial natural systems

Custom aeration, fountains and water circulation for ponds and lakes

Some bodies of water need labor saving equipment for greater use and enjoyment of the resource. Mechanical systems that move water can be an efficient way to achieve specific results for your pond or lake.

  • Holistic approach to technology and nature working in harmony
  • On-site review and assessments for new and existing systems
  • Customized equipment designed for individual applications
  • On-going support, monitoring and maintenance of installations
  • Distributor of Kasco Marine equipment and supplies