After all these years, friends and acquaintances still ask, “what do you do?” or “what is your job?”. This is understandable since most landscape companies focus on lawns, sprinkler systems, mowing and snow plowing.

Eco-Building & Forestry doesn’t do any of these things!? Yet, we are in constant demand. Here is the best way I can explain it below.


Our Unique Work At Eco-Building & Forestry, LLC.

 – Sustainable Property Design and Implementation


  • Assess, construct and maintain low-maintenance properties of any size with built in benefits for purposeful living
  • Plan and installation of beneficial plants
  • Remodel existing landscapes to fit changing lifestyles and environmental conditions
  • Design and install permanent earthworks (move soil) to capture nutrients, improve water infiltration and reduce erosion

Expert knowledge, special tools and proprietary methods come together for consistently, successful projects.



At Eco-Building & Forestry, we believe that the beauty of your landscape should be more than just skin deep.  Your landscape should be working hard for you, alleviate environmental problems and produce a spill-over of benefits to people and the planet.  Let us know how we can help you!