Landscape Features

DSC01715Why We Offer Unique Features

Of course the easy answer is Eco-Building & Forestry offers unique features in sustainable landscapes because nobody else is! But the real answer is you! Many people are asking for things in their landscape that they can use every day as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Natural Environments

Typically, the area around your house would be an extension of your living space. The first 30 feet around your home is the most active area for this space. But what do we do with the rest of your land? Eco Building and Forestry specializes in creating eco friendly landscapes that are easy to maintain, and can help with land restoration, water retention and recreational use.


  • Water Conservation | Erosion Control | Irrigation Systems
  • Pond & Lake Landscapes
  • Prairie Restoration and Native Plant Communities
  • Forestry Ecosystem Management
  • Edible Landscapes