How Aeration Effects Fish

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You can use fountains in shallow ponds to improve oxygen levels

You can use fountains in shallow ponds to improve oxygen levels

Small ponds are difficult to manage. Lakes have dynamic forces of wind, water currents, stratification changes and biota that help maintain physical and chemical characteristics of water. Ponds are often too small to have all of the natural processes that occur in larger bodies of water. As users we often expect more from our ponds than other bodies of water-we want to swim, fish and enjoy crystal clear water!

As ponds age, organic mater builds up, aquatic plants decay and soil can wash into ponds. All of these thing can lead to depleting the oxygen level in a pond. Just as a healthy compost pile needs to be turned to add oxygen to assist in break down of materials, so does a pond.

It is very easy to increase oxygen levels in an existing pond to improve water quality and fish health. There is a variety of aeration equipment that we regularly install that is produced by Kasco Marine. There are different products for types, sizes and depths of ponds that increase oxygen levels in the water by circulating, de-stratification and mixing.

There is a lot to know about this subject. You can contact Eco-Building & Forestry at 715-344-2817 for more information on aeration that is right for you and your pond.

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