Outdoor Brick Ovens


If you like to cook or entertain guests, you may want to consider adding a brick oven to your landscape destination. With the intensity of radiant heat, brick ovens have been found to cook foods faster than a microwave oven while producing great tasting food!

Design it Right!

If a brick oven is something you would like to add to your outside lifestyle, let us help you choose the right oven for you, place it in the proper location, and assist you and your mason with assembly and any questions that arise. Fun and great food awaits.

Among the many benefits of a brick oven:Economical Outdoor Brick Oven

  • You cook food in an extremely healthy manner
  • You get meaningful exercise gathering wood
  • The food you prepare tastes fantastic-people will think you went to chef’s school!
  • The cooking mess is kept outside where hosing off the patio or sweeping up is all that’s necessary.

Brick ovens cost nothing to operate once they’re built because there is a wealth of woody debris in many locales. The solid construction also means there is little or no maintenance. You can plan on having your brick oven last a long time.

For a consultation to determine how a brick oven will fit into your landscape, please call Tom at 715-344-2817.