Winter is an exciting time to consider what will be the next goal in the transformation of your landscape. One simple inquiry can lead to a wealth of revelations that moves you toward your objectives. Here’s that magic question; How will the advancement of your landscape benefit you?

Understanding benefits is where realization is activated. You get to lead the direction in how your personal environment evolves. Harvesting the dividends that the landscape produces is based on your unique situation and abundance of native assets of your property.

The first step isn’t just a superficial list of desires, but rather a deep dive into the possibilities to discover and engage the advantageous natural resources that surround you.

The second step is to reduce the possibilities to potential outcomes that are harmonious with nature and that you can afford.

The third step is physical planning for the embodiment of the rewards that you seek. Landscape planning starts with introspection and below are a couple of examples of associated questions that you can ask yourself and related outcomes.

Do you wish to lower the maintenance of your yard?

If watering is a hassle, you can amend the soil with organic materials that you may already have that retain moisture.

Integrating more convenient tools for pruning and weeding can make work a breeze.

No mow/low mow grass installation can eliminate or dramatically reduce the need for monotonous mowing.

Constantly applying deer and rabbit repellents to your plants can be time consuming. You can switch to larger stature plants that sustain less damage or add ornamental grasses and sedges that are not palatable.

If you like the idea of composing, but don’t like the work, research all of the different types of composting for one that fits you. Trench composting for instance, is fast, easy and you can even compost weeds!

Is one of your goals to spend more time outdoors this year to improve your health and fitness, but you don’t always want to drive to a park, natural area or gym? Plan now to create the necessary infrastructure just outside your door for exercising, cooking, entertaining, gardening, sports, play and educational pursuits.

A small raised bed or container for herbs can put salad right at your fingertips.

Creation of varied niches in sun and shade allows you to seek out comfort just as birds and other animals do instinctively.

Enjoy a vacation at home everyday by establishing shrubs and trees for screening that adds privacy, reduces noise levels and a creates a feeling of lush exclusivity to your surroundings.

Remember that  wonder and intricacy of nature stimulates your brain and helps your body produce chemical defenses and immune responses and you have fun doing it!

Multiple benefits can be derived through planning and design that fits the environment. This planting provides aesthetics, erosion control, absorbs water runoff and provides habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife.

You may find it peculiar that the “benefits” appear to be self-serving. However, that is not the case. When you create advantages that bring health and resiliency, you will want to do even more and you’ll have the ability to do so.

The very essence of sustainability in your landscape is to realize positive gains in your lifestyle. When you do there is a spill over of prosperity to those around you and your actions automatically replenish and regenerate the environment.

Bundle up and take a winter walk around your yard today to begin to answer that most important question in sustainable landscape planning; how will the advancement of my landscape benefit me?