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I don’t like to spray your weeds, mow your lawn or prune your shrubs into little balls and neither do you! A landscape is sustainable when you learn that maintenance can produce an abundance of benefits beyond just looking pretty.

Maintenance is the necessary, 4th component to retain the benefits of your landscape and protect your investment. If we don’t maintain it, it will fall apart.  

Let’s work together to calm your landscape in a way that protects your lifestyle, your investment and the environment.

There are three, interconnected steps to achieve successful maintenance of your property:

During consultation and assessment we evaluate the best maintenance solutions for your situation. In the design/planning phase, maintenance is pre-determined and articulated to match the lifestyle of the owner or user. During installation, your landscape is equipped to make maintenance easier and more efficient.

We can provide a package for on-going maintenance of your property, coach and teach easy-going maintenance options for do-it-yourselfers, or some combination of that.

With a landscape designed by Eco-Building & Forestry, ninety percent of your landscape maintenance can be done with 3 power tools you may already have; hedge trimmer, weed-whip and mulching lawn mower.

See our blog about easy to use tools for Carol Maintaining your landscape is something that can be healthy for you, your family and pets while producing environmental benefits. Maintenance can be done in increments as little as 15 minutes at a time and you get to see results! The care for your landscape will produce tangible benefits that you can use as part of your lifestyle.