The Property Owner Questionnaire is easy and fun to fill out.

Many gardeners spend the winter pouring over seed catalogs for spring planting. For many, gardening involves planting a crop that grows for only one season and then is replaced the following year. Gardening requires constant repetition that produces temporary results in the landscape.

In sustainable landscapes the idea is to plant and do once and then move on to the next part of the project. Every year sees not only your work taking the shape of an expanded landscape but also the natural increase in plant size and numbers that creates landscape features. In sustainable property design, instead of choosing seeds that you buy every year, you can use this time to plan permanent improvements to your yard.

Where do you start though? Understanding your needs, your personality and your lifestyle are pivotal to success in sustainable design. You can also consider the needs of others in your household. Sometimes this can be a touchy subject with significant others and lead to disagreement. Usually conflict occurs because one person can not “see” what the other envisions.

Your Eco-Friendly Yard is a good read to find out how your individual lifestyle and personality can be planned into the landscape.

You can use the Property Owner Questionnaire (POQ) we developed to help survey decision makers for your property. The POQ is a way to collect basic information about needs, wants, budget, personality and lifestyle without stressing about it. It is easy to fill out and provides a permanent record of things relevant to your project, even the colors a person prefers!

Download your Eco-Building & Forestry Property Owner Questionnaire today. Use it how ever you want, there is no commitment.

So, buy a few garden seeds this winter and start planning your own permanent, sustainable landscape too!