Piero was growing this Roselle for juice as well as other edibles at his "Bright Temple" apartment where we stayed


Our Friend Piero is busy growing a variety of plants on his permaculture property. He is also starting plants from seed to insure that he gets totally organic plants. Piero is also trying some different growing methods. Above a hydroponics projected turned into using real soil, tomatoes starts and coffee plants from seed.

Our host Angel is continuing the family’s interest in growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. Pictured, he is growing watercress, breadfruit, star fruit and papaya which they shared with us. Angel’s girlfriend even climbs trees to harvest the fruit. What a women!!


DSCF0330          DSCF0329

Even the car rental, Jerry’s Jeeps on Culebra, was getting into the act.

Their philosophy, “if you can’t wait, fake it”, by attaching a coconut to the immature tree!