Shoreline Landscaping

Green, smelly water, erosion and weedy shorelines are just the symptoms.  Do you want to get to the root of the problem?

Start With A Property Assessment

Eco-Building & Forestry offers a whole property assessment to  help pinpoint the problems instead of just reacting to the symptoms for your lake and shoreline.

Success With The Experts On Land

Eco-Building & Forestry excels at creating solutions for lakes and shorelines because we take into account the entire property, the activities occurring there and all of the natural forces in action.


  • Erosion control must be comprehensive not just a narrow area.  We use many methods including constructing swales which are shallow depressions to catch and hold water, debris and nutrients that otherwise end up going into your lake dragging the soil with it.
  • Eco-Building & Forestry can design and install native and natural plantings as well as traditional landscapes closer to your home to reduce run-off, limit erosion and increase enjoyment
  • Through careful planning, high maintenance mowed areas can be reduced to return your property to an aesthetic lake property look that is so desirable today.


Better Management In The Water

Instead of just reacting to problems with algae, weeds and smelly water, Eco-Building & Forestry can help with better decisions on what should be done by your lake association.


  • Through our national involvement in lake issues we have established a network of experts in many areas of water management that are ready to help.
  • Lake and pond aeration are often needed to restore vital eco-systems.  Eco-Building & Forestry is a distributor for Kasco Marine equipment and we can work with your lake association to find the right solutions for your lake’s water quality issues.