I put on my fuzzy slippers and eat bonbons all day! Not quite! Landscapes that create measurable benefits for others aren’t created overnight. While other landscapers are out plowing snow during the winter, I’ll spend the coldest months planning out the details for upcoming projects. Sustainable property design requires forethought in planning, material/plant selection and attention to detail in execution.

While I can create a concept for a property and install the project in a very short time, it is imperative that the customer be engaged and involved in the process and that takes time. Spending time with customers during the winter helps to create the unique property features that in turn creates the multiple benefits that are part of a sustainable yard.

Keeping up with these winter tasks has really streamlined the work and has allowed me to plunge right into the installation phase very early in spring. This has turned out to work well for customers too. The decisions are all made and they can enjoy the early warm weather!

So enjoy winter! And give me a call and we can meet up to discuss your future project.